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The Gun Pandemic in America

Should guns be more heavily regulated? Does America need a better system of checks and balances when it comes to firearms? magnum handgun Are semi-automatic hand guns and assault rifles to blame? One things for sure, while we reserve the right to bear arms and should have the right to defend ourselves, guns have also become a leading cause of homicides in America. While many sides point fingers at each other, firearms more often than not end up in the wrong hands. Are Americans keeping tabs on their guns? This may be the real question we need to answer.

Is Walmart Finally Heeding to Consumer Advocates?

Looks like after years of sentiment and heavy backlash from advocates, Walmart is finally caving in. Consumers and advocates have made their voices loud and clear, enough is enough. Walmart's current CEO Paul Simon has announced the retail conglomerates plans to hire up to 100,000 veterans. The company is also making plans for a $50 billion dollar push to purchase American made goods and services over the next decade. If the company keeps its promises, they could gain notoriety from its once fierce opponents. While these plans may look nice on the outside, it turns out some consumer advocates aren't satisifed with another lingering issue, what is it?

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